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I hope everyone has been having a happy new year so far! I know I am still running behind, but I thought after a few months' hiatus, we could get the comm back in gear.

• The community is now moved to DW... obviously XD

• I closed posting to the old comm because there's no way to cross-post entries and I wanted to avoid confusion

• If you want to be able to edit your old posts and comments on the comm, be sure to claim your OpenID accounts!

• Since we never really voted on [personal profile] velle's last selections, I figured she could post the voting again for March?

• Yay!
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So, things I didn't realize because I am incapable of connecting the dots: the person who commented on my DW back in December or whenever it was suggesting the PFYAD book clubs in the first place? Yeah, it turned out to be one of the co-authors of Stranger, the book that started the whole #YesGayYA thing in the first place. Tonight, she replied to her original comment where she suggested the PFYADBC which led to the whole Multifarious Bibliovore Society in the first place (:-D) to let us know that Stranger has been sold to Viking (an imprint of Penguin, aka a Big 6 Publisher)! So yaaayyy *claps*

This book will be published in Winter 2014 (which means January, not December, right?) and I definitely think we should make it our monthly selection when the time comes! You can read all about it here.

EDIT: And an article from The Guardian with more info about the story!
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Hey guys! Here's the comm! Let's get this party started!

Community Stuff:
• Right now I have it so anyone can join and posts are public. Shall we leave it open for joining or should we have members be invite-only? And do we want to lock the posts or leave them public?

• I have no idea what to put in the userinfo. Anyone have some ideas for an about us/mission statement?

• While we're at it, anyone want to be a co-mod? Or mod instead of me?

• Invite your friends!!

Book Stuff:
• How do you guys want to pick our books? On the poll everyone indicated they wanted to start with the PFYADBC's book list and then diverge and start picking our own books later. I was thinking for this month (or, if it gets too late in the month [sorry /procrastinator], we could combine January and February this month) we could make a poll that has all the books PFYADBC has voted on so far, and then the next month we could do one of two things:

  1. Pick a theme for each month and everyone recommends one (or more) books for the voting list

  2. We could each take turns, like in March I would make a list of books for us to vote on, then in April it will be Jess, and May it will be Sean, or whatever)

  3. Or something...?



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