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Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce our club's first selection!

January 2012: Patience and Sarah by Isabel Miller

Sometime before the end of the month, please try to read this book and post a review of it either here, or on your personal blog/LJ/DW/other website and link to it here in the comments.

Next month's theme and books will be chosen by [ profile] oogiesean :-)
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Okay so per the suggestions here, I'm thinking that since there are 6 of us, we could do it where we each take a turn picking the books to vote on for the month, and then the other 6 months we pick a theme and everyone makes suggestions for the voting list. We can amend this as we go along, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling for this month and we can see where it takes us...?

Also, for discussion: I was thinking that after we pick the book, I'll make a "Book discussion post" and you can either discuss the book in the comments and/or write up a review on your blog or journal and link it. Does that sound good?

Anyway, the theme I am going with is Historical fiction with LGBT characters. I haven't read any of these but just picked some off this list that sounded good, so here's hoping.

Before voting, here are book synopses and links to reviews )

Now for the poll...

[Poll #1809397]

Finally, since we are more than a week into January, should this be for January/February combined? Or should we put the pedal to the metal and move ahead as planned, picking another book next month? (Also, who wants to go next?)


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